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Bridging the Boundaries of City Planning and Landscape Architecture.

Who We Are

CIVITAS Urban Design & Planning Inc. is a Vancouver based, internationally recognized, multi-disciplinary consulting practice specializing in major land planning, urban design and town planning projects in many countries.

CIVITAS achieves its goal of providing high quality service and attention to its clients by virtue of its size and specialized nature. The professional members of CIVITAS bridge the boundaries of city planning, landscape architecture and architecture working in a collaborative environment.

We are affiliated with CIVITAS Architecture Inc., a Vancouver architectural practice.

CIVITAS Milestones


A Vision Takes Shape

CIVITAS Studio was founded in Vancouver in 1988 by Joe Hruda. Its first appointment was as Lead Master Planner/Urban Designer for Coal Harbour. This visionary project transformed railway/industrial land into a thriving waterfront neighborhood at the heart of the City Coal Harbour Waterfront District. CIVITAS' innovative approach to high-density building forms, a central waterfront public park and a high-density residential neighbourhood set a ground-breaking urban design precedent for its signature built-form and green communities and great meeting places in Vancouver.


Pioneering Town Centre Design Excellence in Australia

CIVITAS achieved international acclaim by winning a prestigious national design competition in Australia. This victory led to its appointment to prepare the Master Plan and Design Guidelines for Rouse Hill Town Centre in NW Sydney. Today, Rouse Hill stands as a benchmark in town center developments, integrating a new Regional Rail Transit station with commercial, residential, education, and retail uses. A community centre and library anchor the Town Square, and focused around a main street with outdoor shopping experiences. The First of its kind in Australia. Not only does it provide a high-quality public domain, but it's also a retail success story. This achievement marked the beginning of a continuing partnership with the GPT Group, involving numerous subsequent town center mixed use developments.


Advancing the Early Practice of Cultural Ecological Communities in China

CIVITAS was commissioned by Nandu Real Estate to be the master planner for the renowned Liangzhu New Town in Hangzhou, China. Beyond creating an idyllic lifestyle, Liangzhu New Town symbolizes the potential for harmonious coexistence between people, nature, informed by the historic agricultural village along the banks of the Liangzhu River tributary. It represented an approach to an early Green Community in China which received National Recognition and Awards. 


Shaping the Future Vision of Abu Dhabi and its Capital City

CIVITAS received an invitation to lead the master planning efforts for the Abu Dhabi Vision Plan 2030, a monumental project focused on long-term urban development and growth in the capital city. This visionary plan, balancing environmental, economic, and cultural aspects, established a 20-year vision for Abu Dhabi. Following the success of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, CIVITAS was contracted to prepare its involvement by shaping the Capital City District Master Plan, marking a pivotal moment in the firm's entry into the United Arab Emirates’ Master Plans projects in Dubai.


Creating Thriving Communities in the Spectacular Natural Setting of Saudi Arabia

In 2022, CIVITAS was selected from an international group of consultants and embarked on an exciting journey with QIDDIYA, an entertainment mega project in Riyadh. CIVITAS undertook the master plans for the first two communities within QIDDIYA, contributing to the development of an innovative, and integrated community within its spectacular natural setting that surrounds it.


Creating Vibrant New Neighbourhoods in Vancouver

CIVITAS continues its work involvement with Concord Pacific, Canada's largest community builder. We are actively involved in three major developments in Vancouver: Northeast False Creek Waterfront District, the Redevelopment of the Former Saint Paul’s Hospital site, and the former Molson Brewery Site on Burrard St. These projects represent a commitment to transforming the fabric of Vancouver's urban landscape, ensuring a thriving future for the city and its residents.

The Future

To be continued ..

What We Do

Our role as urban designers often includes the coordination and leadership of teams of multi-disciplinary experts united to deal with the challenges of each project. CIVITAS has collaborated with experienced international consultants in the fields of transportation, infrastructure, environment, and economics.

We partner with appropriate teams of consultants fitting the unique challenges and opportunities of each project. We utilize state of art computer modeling, simulation, and CAD techniques.

We assist clients in facilitating visioning workshops to define project directions at the inception stage and provide a wide range of design related services ranging from feasibility studies to detail design development, evaluation and implementation strategies.

Land Use Planning
Mixed Use Development Plans
Transit-Oriented Development Plans
New Community Plans
Retail Development Strategies
Site Analysis/SWOT Review
Development Feasibility Studies
Site Analysis/SWOT Review
Development Feasibility Studies
Development Visioning Workshops
3D Modelling and Visualizations


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CIVITAS is committed to the design and development of ecologically-sensitive communities and to city shaping and place making.

We are proponents of designing communities based on the principles of “Green Urbanism”, which emphasizes the integration of compact development with on-site natural open space as a means of preserving diminishing natural resources and changing the living experience. CIVITAS also promotes walkability, transit-based development, higher and diverse densities, mixed use and memorable, contextually-based, authentic places.

We manage our design processes to identify issues and opportunities, develop and evaluate alternative choices to best meet both private and public objectives. This approach is based in a philosophy of “balancing” of environment, economic and social goals so that none are sacrificed at the expense of others.

Public Sector Clients
Private Sector Clients
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