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Open Space Concept

Illustrative Aerial View of Proposed Wollongong City Centre 2030

Precinct Character Study

Retail Development Strategy

Land Use Plan


SITE AREA: 150 Hectares

RESIDENTIAL: 13,000 Units (1,250,000 Sq.M.)

RETAIL: 230 Units (350,000 Sq.M.)

OFFICE: 350 Units (500,000 Sq.M.)

HOTEL: 45,000 Sq.M.

CIVIC: 45,000 Sq.M.

UNIVERSITY: 20,000 Sq.M.

JOBS: 17,000 - 25,000

Considerable effort by local and state authorities had gone into creating a guiding vision for Wollongong’s city centre. While this effort has played an important role in defining the potential of the City Centre’s future, new private investment was muted and the City Centre’s level of economic activity was still challenged. As a long term City Centre property owner, General Property Trust (GPT) engaged CIVITAS to provide a fresh look at the City Centre and offer their advice for what might help Wollongong realize its potential. CIVITAS was asked to:

• Identify and evaluate factors that encourage
successful, sustainable, urban mixed use
relative to current policies and practices;
• Test Wollongong’s built form policies to assess
how they support or preclude new investment;
• Recommend actions to build support for
stronger private and public investment; and,
• Identify ‘catalyst’ actions that could be
undertaken immediately to stimulate new
development activity in the City Centre.

Working with GPT and City Staff, CIVITAS developed a set of key findings and strategies allowing for appropriate office and retail mix, viable densities, a sustainable jobs/residential balance, a well-leveraged open space system, and built form that enhances Wollongong’s image and livability.

Wollongong City Centre Study / Wollongong, NSW, Australia   

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