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Illustrative Master Plan

CLIENT: Shanghai Xincheng Investment Group Ltd.

SITE AREA: 105 Hectares


TOTAL GFA: 1,750,000 Sq.M.

The city of Taixing is located northwest of Shanghai in close proximity to the Yangtze River, in a flat agricultural landscape crossed with canals and natural lakes. In this setting, CIVITAS created a new urban design plan to accommodate a future community with a central commercial district, residential neighbourhoods, and an extensive network of recreation and open spaces. The community surrounds large central lake, providing opportunities for recreation, habitat enhancement, and stormwater management.

The plan features a robust public realm with a connected grid of walkable streets, small blocks, neighbourhood parks, interior greenways, and residential towers to capture views of the lake and the natural landscape. Streets are oriented to the lake to allow views of the water from each neighbourhood, and a dynamic waterfront promenade and park system provides a natural community setting for residents.

Taixing Master Plan / China


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