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Pedestrian primacy & connectivity between

existing & proposed shopping areas

Articulated Retail Entries

Sunshine Promenade

Active & Vibrant Waterfront

Master Plan Ground Level

Master Plan Level One

CLIENT: Lend Lease Development



OPEN SPACE: 1 Hectare

CIVITAS was commissioned to provide a master plan for the expansion of the 55,000 sq.m. of gross leasable area of retail and mixed use of the existing shopping centre, including one hectare of open space including cafe/restaurant promenade, a public boardwalk and community park. It seeks to ‘stitch’ Sunshine Plaza Centre to the surrounding neighbourhood and thereby reinforce a community focused, livable and activated place.

The Master Plan has a strong emphasis on open space. Restaurants and cafes open onto Cornmeal Creek and a waterside park provides open space amenity for the surrounding community. Existing mangroves are preserved in an integrated and eco-sensitive public realm strategy. Visually lightweight pedestrian bridges link the north and south retail areas.

Sunshine Plaza Expansion / Maroochydore, QLD, Australia


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