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Aerial View of Site
Campus Concept Plan
Illustrative Master Plan
Open Space Concept
Vision Plan

CLIENT: Sea To Sky University

SITE AREA: 100 Hectares

RESIDENTIAL: 960 Units and

900 Student Beds

Sea to Sky University is a private university that will include a complimentary residential component to help form a true university village. The site is located in Squamish - where outdoor recreation and spectacular scenery are internationally regarded, and are central to the University’s plan. As a Master Plan consultant, CIVITAS’ role was to realize the community plan and campus concept. The 1,200 student campus is situated as a landmark within a compact community including 1,000 homes on a greenfield site with significant topography and ecological value. Much of the site will be retained as environmental preserve. The plan is premised on ESD principles, which will be a focus for the academic and community lifestyle. This lifestyle includes an integral relationship between the university and residents, where the life and activity of the university is enjoyed and valued by the residents and greater community. 

Sea To Sky University / Squamish, BC, Canada


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