urban design & master planners

CIVITAS has undertaken specialized studies to generate best practice implementation directives for urban design issues at the city centre scale. The studies are intended to provide a unified vision for a variety of stakeholders, including municipal staff, developers, landowners, the design community, business groups, as well as local residents. Principles and specific initiatives are carefully crafted to help direct future development toward livable communities and people-oriented places within the urban cores. Topics of review and recommendation include urban design evaluation of existing policy, suggestions for achieving human-scaled built form and optimal density relationships, open space integration and distribution, mixed use catalysts and guidelines for optimizing sustainable growth.

CIVITAS has developed urban design and planning studies that focus on the unique opportunities and challenges of health care centres and major university campuses.  Master Plan studies explore design solutions for expansion and revitalization, with CIVITAS working closely with stakeholders, administrators, staff, and users to foster interactive ideas and practical implementation methods. Institutions are re-imagined as fine-grain, mixed use neighbourhoods that integrate a variety of innovative residential typologies, retail strategies, and expanded employment uses.  Priority is given to transit, walking and cycling.  The process of generating successful and flexible models includes creating an inventory of existing institutional amenities, buildings, and key public realm areas, followed by an analysis of possible opportunities for future growth and methods for integrating the institution with the surrounding community fabric.

CIVITAS has developed major metropolitan and regional plans, collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams of complimentary consultants in the fields of transportation, infrastructure, environment, economics and sustainability. CIVITAS’ experience includes developing 20-year growth plans for metropolitan areas of up to 3 million people and for regions encompassing 60,000 sq.km.

CIVITAS has specialized in design of new neighbourhoods since its inception. Its expertise in this area has earned an international reputation leading to commissions on projects such as Coal Harbour in Vancouver, BC, Pyrmont in Sydney, Australia and Dong Jia Du in Shanghai, China. CIVITAS also has broad experience in preparation of urban design guidelines for major projects.

CIVITAS has extensive new community planning experience for a variety of projects ranging from mixed use communities on large greenfield sites to urban neighbourhoods of several thousand units. This experience is both international and domestic and covers a broad range of markets.

CIVITAS has created resort plans for a number of international locations. We believe memorable vacation experiences, market characteristics, regional architecture, landscape and respect for natural environment should all be sensitively integrated to create a successful resort.

CIVITAS has developed plans for successful town centres creating vibrant hearts for communities and unique living, working, shopping and entertainment experiences. Projects include both new town centres and the redevelopment of existing retail shopping malls into mixed-use centres. Our focus is on creating vibrant streets and activated public spaces, a diverse mix of uses, a fine grain of block sizes, maximum pedestrian linkages, connections to the surrounding community and a distinctive identity.

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