CIVITAS was the master planner for this successful new community located 7 km northwest of Hangzhou. Half of the spectacular site, nestled between lush green mountains and the Liangzhu River was preserved in its’ natural state.

The Al Ain Region is the eastern region of Abu Dhabi
Emirate surrounding Al Ain City, and includes 19 settlements. CIVITAS was the lead planning firm on a team of international experts commissioned to create a 20 year growth plan for the region.

Al Gharbia is the western region of Abu Dhabi Emirate comprising of seven towns and 60,000 CIVITAS was the lead planners on a team of international experts creating a 20-year growth plan to help evaluate and respond to future development needs.

Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 was launched in response to new growth pressures of this Capital City by creating a long-term Urban Structure Framework Plan and a set of guiding urban design principles.

Metropolitan & Regional Planning

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