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CBD Land Use Framework Plan

The urban edge of the Oasis

Gateway Transit Corridor Land Use Plan

Plan Al Ain 2030 / United Arab Emirates

CLIENT: Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council

PROJECT AREA: 7,000 Sq.Km.




2009 ISOCARP Awards for Excellence

The International Society of City

  and Regional Planners

The Al Ain 2030 Urban Structure Framework Plan established a 20-year guiding plan for the City of Al Ain as it develops from a current population of 200,000 to a proposed 1 million people. The resulting vision carefully guides growth while preserving the cultural and environmental identity of Al Ain. Key outcomes include:

• A land use plan that focuses growth in the CBD
and along a transit supported ‘gateway corridor’;
• The preservation of significant landscape
features such as prominent dunes and
intermittant rivers (wadis);
• The creation of an urban network of parks and
open space links;
• Preservation of Al Ain’s character as a 4- to
5-storey mid-rise city; and,
• Careful enhancement of the relationship
between Al Ain and Al Ain Oasis.
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