urban design & master planners

Vision Plan

Existing rail corridor divides waterfront from the city

Wickham Station with high density housing, employment, plaza and retail


SITE AREA: 150 Hectares

RESIDENTIAL: 825,000 Sq.M.

RETAIL: 70,000 Sq.M.

OFFICE: 255,000 Sq.M.

CIVITAS were the Master Planners on this major city centre/waterfront revitalization
plan. The Vision Plan celebrates the city’s greatest asset, the riverfront, by ‘restitching’ downtown to the waterfront. Key aspects of
the projects are:

• Wickham Plaza, a high density transit-oriented design (TOD) hub at the existing commuter rail terminus;

• Redesign of a former rail corridor infrastructure into a community bikeway and linear park; and,

• Mixed use redevelopment of former industrial lands improving livability in the city in a fine-grained, permeable land use pattern.

Newcastle Waterfront Vision Plan / Newcastle, NSW, Australia


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