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Central Mirfa Illustrative Plan

High Density Blocks

Beachfront Park and Waterfront Corniche

Medium Density Housing

CLIENT: Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council

PROJECT AREA: 3,430 Hectares


CIVITAS partnered with Otak Inc. to develop the 2030 Master Plan for Mirfa, a coastal village that 15,000 people. The consultant team worked with local government and stakeholders using a workshop process to ensure the plan was well informed and respected environmental, economic, and cultural concerns. The resulting plan for a population of 80,000 blends the unique landscape qualities of Mirfa’s coastal setting, that:

• Builds on the traditional urban pattern of Mirfa and the opportunities surrounding Jebel Mirfa,
a prominent central ridge;

• Creates 3 mixed-use central nodes (Harbour Town, Hill Town, and Downtown) with a surrounding community of mixed-use neighbourhoods;

• Provides amenities and facilities within a short walk of an extensive tram and bus system;

• Allows for maximum permeability that is reflective of traditional urban patterns with fine-grain streets and pedestrian passages; and,

• Expands the waterfront with a well-distributed pattern of local parks that link with natural open spaces and select ‘shadeway’ streets.

Mirfa Master Plan / United Arab Emirates


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