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CIVITAS was the master planner for this successful new community located 7km northwest of Hangzhou. Half of the spectacular site, nestled between lush 
green mountains and the Liangzhu River was preserved in its’ natural state. The Master Plan envisioned a series of walkable villages linked by a major parkway boulevard. Natural and green space between the Villages allow for drainage and habitat corridors from the mountains to the Liangzhu River. A major cultural and archeological museum was integrated into the master plan.

CIVITAS was involved over a four year period developing the overall master plan and detailed concept plans for three of the villages:

• Festival Place -
an tourist entertainment destination and gateway to Liangzhu with a central meandering main street, shady “Garden Walk”, food and beverage, retail,
and major outdoor event space.

• Heronshire Village -
a major village within Liangzhu, providing high street shopping and services, a residents club, and riverfront park, all surrounded by four mid-rise residential neighbourhoods.

• Bamboo Forest Valley -
situated within the Bamboo Forest valley surrounding a lake, this secluded neighbourhood features multi-family and villa homes, residents club and spa hotel.




良渚文化村 / 杭州,中国





业主: 南都房产有限公司

场地面积: 833 公顷

可发展区域: 398 公顷

住宅区: 12,000 单元

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