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Waterfront Residential

Central Neighbourhood Park

Built Form extending to waterfront

3D Massing Study

Typical Townhouse Streetscape

Master Plan

CLIENT: Lend Lease Development Corp.

SITE AREA: 11.9 Hectares

RESIDENTIAL: 1,400 Units


CIVITAS was the urban design consultant for this high profile waterfront redevelopment project. CIVITAS’ role was to evaluate past planning work and produce an update master plan. The CIVITAS Master Plan was a significant departure from the previous plans that were prepared in the 1980’s.

The new plan retained and integrated a number of heritage buildings and site features, including the former sugar refinery, as important components of the plan. The plan features a variety of housing choices and built form, a diversity of open spaces and amenities, all one kilometre from Sydney’s central business district.

Jackson's Landing Master Plan / Sydney, Australia


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