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East Gate

223 Greenlane Master Plan / Auckland, New Zealand


High Street

223 Greenlane West Urban Village Illustrative Plan

One Tree Hill Plaza

Alexandra Square

Located 5 kilometres south of downtown Auckand, New Zealand, Alexandra Park is a sustainable new neighborhood centre organized around a High Street.  Developed on under-utilized land immediately adjacent to the existing Auckland Trotting Club (ATC) racecourse, the plan envisions a new community hub and a new urban heart for the Epsom Community.

• A diverse range of medium rise housing, commercial uses, hotel, retail, cafes and restaurants, are combined with new parks and plazas.  The site is located at the foot of One Tree Hill / Maungakiekie and set amongst another nearby volcanic cone, Mt St Johns. Views to these culturally important and prominent landmarks were design drivers of the street orientation and open space system.

• The built form strategy enables an existing Grandstand to remain in place, and provides a continuous and bending organic block form.  Buildings are setback from Greenlane West Boulevard to allow for a generous pedestrian promenade and bike lane.  These southern blocks contain the majority of the building density and height to provide an appropriate scale for this major boulevard.

• The public realm consists of a hierarchy of public open spaces, and are organized into distinct character zones: 1) East Gate,  2) High Street,  3) One Tree Hill Plaza, 4)  Sightline Green, 5) The Heritage Gates and 6)  Alexandra Square.  The plan allows for residents and visitors to experience a significant urban park or plaza on each block, or a two-minute walk in any direction.  This results in a plan with strong visibility and accessibility at a pedestrian scale.

CLIENT: Auckland Trotting Club

TOTAL GFA: 67,225

RESIDENTIAL: 41,240 sq.m. (390 units)

RETAIL: 12,055 sq.m.

OFFICE: 13,930 sq.m.

East Gate  at High Street

Sightline Green

Greenlane West Promenade

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