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Edge Site Tower Option
Holden Street North Perspective
Illustrative Master Plan

CLIENT: Landcom

SITE AREA: 5.65 Hectares

DENSITY: 2.4 FSR (gross)


HEALTH: 300 Sq.M.

The Gosford City Link project is a Master Plan for the redevelopment of lands surrounding an existing hospital campus.

The concept includes:

• Medium and high density residences located

  within a 5-minute walk of the rail station;
• A substantial mixed use development

  providing health related commercial space,

  situated between the hospital and rail station;
• A pedestrian link through the mixed use

  development to overcome significant site

  grades and complete an accessible

  pedestrian route from the hospital to the

  station and on to the CBD which is separated

  from the hospital precinct by the regional rail

  corridor; and,

• Open space, both public park and private

  courtyards, to provide much needed green

  space in the hospital environment.

Gosford City Link / Gosford, NSW, Australia


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