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Green Lane Street Section

102 Ave High Street Illustrative Rendering 

CIVITAS created the urban design Concept Plan for this Transit-Oriented Design (TOD) project, a 5-minute walk from a major Skytrain station. It contains a ne grain of integrated streets, a legible grid structure, small blocks that maximize street front access and provide active frontages. The intersection density allows for multiple pedestrian paths, and the Green Lane allows access for high density residential along King George Blvd. Key features of the plan include:

• Height/density transect from King George to Whalley Blvd

• Diversity of built form; towers, mid rise, townhouses

• Taller towers & 6 storey street-wall, reinforcing King George Blvd character

• Streetwall reinforcing site

• Towers placed to maximize solar access to public spaces

• A 400m long outdoor High Street provides a strong retail flow anchored at both ends 

CLIENT: Anthem Properties

SITE AREA: 4.1 Hectares


RESIDENTIAL: 157,000 Sq.M.

RETAIL: 9,000 Sq.M.

OFFICE: 4,000 Sq.M.

Illustrative Plan

Massing Study

Retail Scale Diagram

Roof Plan

Street Network Diagram

Georgetown / Surrey, BC, Canada


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