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Illustrative Plan

Illustrative Plan

Site Section

Aerial Perspective

CLIENT: Narada Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.

GROSS SITE AREA: 25 Hectares

RETAIL: 50,000 Sq.M.

As part of the ongoing Liangzhu New Town Master Plan, CIVITAS was involved in the detailed design development and public realm landscape design for the Festival Place Tourist Village. Festival Place is located on the main highway to Hangzhou, and is an important destination zone and identifiable gateway to the Liangzhu development. The village is arranged around a meandering main street that is anchored by 2 village squares and lined with cafes, pubs, and restaurants. A shady Garden Walk with teahouses and quiet dining provides a transition place between Festival Meadows Park,
a major outdoor event space that serves the New Town, and the rest of the village.

Festival Place Village / China


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