urban design & master planners

CLIENT: Hong Kong Resort Company

SITE AREA: 1,000 Acres

This master plan study formed the basis for obtaining approval from the Hong Kong government. Originally conceived as a mixture of destination resort and recreation uses with residential units for the Hong Kong commuter, this plan was intended to respond to the constantly changing demands of the Hong Kong market. A major challenge was the determination of the balance between critical infrastructure needs such as water and transportation and the population density for the site. The study was executed over five years and began without any specific site or boundaries. The definition of the scope and scale of the project was one of the key economic and planning issues dealt within the study.  The golf course component of the plan involved a major cut and fill operation aimed at creating both an international standard golf course and sufficient excess material for an earth fill dam-reservoir structure designed to provide water for the resort units and the course irrigation.  

Discovery Bay / Hong Kong


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