Preliminary Sketch of Flanders Ave SW

Preliminary Sketch of Townhouse Mews

Overall Massing Model

Overall Concept Master Plan

Main Street Rendering

Flanders Point Plaza and Currie Markets

Currie Barracks Concept Master Plan / Calgary, Alberta


Public Realm Enlargement Plan

Overall Built Form

CLIENT: Embassy Bosa

SITE AREA: 9.3 Hectares


DENSITY: 3.09 FAR (net) | 269 upha (gross)


RETAIL: 21,400 sq.m.

CIVITAS were the master planners for this new mixed-use neighbourhood centre located within a larger redevelopment of a former military base located 5 km from downtown Calgary. Key components of the Master Plan and Development Guidelines are:

• A walkable community with a diversity of open spaces, shops, amenities, character precincts, and housing types;

• A landmark destination Main Street including retail anchors, grocery store, food/beverage, and a town square; and,

• A legible and connected neighbourhood that is integrated into the overall community fabric of southwest Calgary, with strong linkages to adjacent neighbourhoods, surrounding road networks, and adjacent Mt. Royal university.
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