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South Plaza

South Plaza 3D Model

Master Plan

South Plaza Plan Enlargement

CLIENT: Lend Lease / GPT

SITE AREA: 5.5 Hectares

RESIDENTIAL: 88,000 Sq.M. total GLA

30,000 Sq.M. expansion GLA

Charleston Square, serving as the major sub-regional shopping centre for the Hunter Valley since the 1970’s, was in need of a major overall that included a new philosophy - ‘extroverting’ the mall. CIVITAS was engaged as the lead master planner to rethink the internal-focused building and re-envision the shopping centre and its surrounding public realm as a vibrant town centre.

The Master Plan included initiatives aimed at regenerating the ‘heart’ of Charlestown Square including:

• The introduction of the South Plaza, a lively public space offering a new front door to the community. It contains interactive fountains, a childrens’ adventure play area, multi-level cafe and restaurant seating, and a performance space;

• The introduction of the North Plaza, a pedestrian-scaled space at the foot of the transit interchange;

• The potential for residential sleeving to create a living edge to Pearson Street;

• Upgrades, additions and redesigns of significant public amenity such as a new youth and community centre, child care, a renovated bowling green and cricket oval;

• Major entertainment and food services such as a new cinema, fresh food precinct and food court;

• A completely re-imagined shopping street; and,

• Expanded parking and loading facilities that were sensitively designed to reduce the visual impact on the surrounding road network.

Charlestown Square / Newcastle, Australia


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