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CIVITAS was commissioned to conceive of a master plan for a new community and town center located thirty minutes from central Changsha and nearby Wang Ling Park, site of a royal mausoleum.

Based on the concepts of humanistic care, embracing the river and mountains landscape, and celebrating local cultural heritage, the plan features:

• An overall plan that integrates the mountains and valleys into the layout of the buildings and new landscapes;

• A new town center that maintains views to the central hill and surrounding mountains;

• Parks and a central lake district, surrounded by active greenways links;

• An extensive public art network;

• A residents’ club and villas located close to the mountains and around sources of streams; and,

• Demonstrates the Sponge Cities initiative, a national policy for green communities.

The Sponge Policy targets the issue of significant absorption and reuse of rainwater in urban areas as an opportunity for development of wetlands, creeks and ponds and building roof gardens. This has been interpreted by CIVITAS as a device to change the character of built form and open space to create rich and diverse landscape expressions for the visual, psychological and leisure enjoyment of residents.


2017 Sustainable Cities & Human Settlement Award
UN Global Forum on Human Settlements

Master Plan

Built Form Concept


SITE AREA: 66 Hectares


RESIDENTIAL: 2,500 Units

Changsha Four Seasons Community / Changsha, China


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