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Aerial Perspective

Master Plan

CLIENT: Gran Caribe & Leisure Canada Inc.

SITE AREA: 84 Acres

HOTEL: 485 Rooms

The Cayo Largo Resort represents an innovative approach to resort hotel planning. The hotel room mix consists of 3 distinct markets.  Along the ocean beaches are typical low rise 8-plex groupings surrounded by gardens, around the lagoon are duplex room groupings on stilts raised above water and on “sunset beach point” are luxury villa units with private pools and gardens. A major feature of the resort is the central village which contains the guest amenity facilities, access to the stunning lagoon and provides a unique focus and character to the development. Amenities include the Village Centre featuring numerous dining, shopping and recreational facilities, the lagoon, tennis club, spa and children’s activity centre.  

Cayo Largo Resort / Cuba


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