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Urban Design Guidelines

CLIENT: City of Calgary

SITE AREA: 100 Hectares (including downtown core, Beltline and surrounding central neighbourhoods).

Working closely with the City of Calgary, CIVITAS created a comprehensive and compact document that establishes the broad principles, rationale, and implementation directions for the urban design components of Calgary’s Centre City.
The Guidelines are intended to provide clear direction for designers, developers, and property owners, and will be used as an assessment tool during the design review process for new development. The Guidelines:

• Aspire to the highest level of urban design
excellence and contribute to a livable downtown
by encouraging thoughtful approaches to mixed
use development, optimizing sun exposure,
providing strong street definition, and ensuring
pedestrian- friendly street and park interfaces;
• Provide specific recommendations for the
following major topics relevant to Calgary’s
urban structure: street level interaction, public
realm and heritage interface, Plus 15 connectivity,
streetwall definition, building massing and
articulation, upper building level impacts, and
site access.

Calgary City Centre Urban Design Guidelines / Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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