Located west of Toronto and one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, CIVITAS partnered with Larry Beasley & Associates to create a 20-30 year vision. The key challenge was to create a cohesive development strategy that respected the traditional neighbourhoods and nationally significant industrial base, while significantly increasing economic, tourism and housing opportunities.

Queens Boulevard New LRT Corridor

Bramalea New Town Revitalization

The resulting vision identified centres and corridors as engines of economic and residential growth while maintaining and establishing new accessible places for services, community amenities and green spaces.  Elevating the city’s aspirations and urban design as the metropolis matures.

The vision work included:

• Charrettes and workshops with key stakeholders and citizens which guided the planning process;

• Economic and demographic analysis to understand both the lifestyle and economic factors driving regional demands;

• Environmental analyses to understand the ecological assets of the region;

• Frameworks for livability; and,

• Concept growth plans for the existing historic Downtown, a new Uptown high density mixed use district core, revitalization of a regional and local centre, and new greenfield neighbourhoods.

Brampton 2040 Overall City Structure

Brampton 2040 Vision / Brampton, Ontario, Canada


Hurontario-Steeles Redevelopment

Uptown Vision

CLIENT: City of Brampton

CURRENT POPULATION: 600,000 residents
                                            200,000 jobs

PROJECTED POPULATION: +1 million residents
                                                 400,000 jobs

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