CLIENT: Australian National University

SITE AREA: 11ha total | 2.3ha Phase One



RESIDENTIAL: 2,200 Units

RETAIL: 17,100 sq.m.

ACADEMIC: 104,500 sq.m.

Union Court

Australian National University, Union Court Framework Plan / Canberra, Australia


University Avenue
Chifley Lane
3D Massing Model View
ANU Gateway at University Avenue
Aerial View of ANU - Union Court and University Avenue
Urban Design Illustrative Framework Plan

CIVITAS won the bid to develop the Urban Design Framework Plan for this strategic ANU site, adjacent to Canberra’s City Centre:

• The vision for Union Court and University Avenue is to create a living heart for ANU’s campus, while also creating an engaging nexus for the community of Canberra and the university.  

• The Framework allows for higher intensity uses, more complete building mass to both frame public space while adding density and intensity of use.

• Union Court, a newly shaped public ‘agora,’ will be framed by a new state-of-the-art library, and new active edges containing vibrant shops.

• Heritage buildings will be repurposed to keep history and diversity present on the public square.

• Improved connectivity, with legible axial pedestrian ways will help create a framework that can endure, as building uses and forms evolve over time.