CLIENT: Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council

PROJECT AREA: 60,000 Sq.Km.



Regional Framework Plan

Al Gharbia is the western region of Abu Dhabi Emirate comprising 7 towns and 60,000 square kilometres. CIVITAS was the lead planning firm
on a team of international experts commissioned to create a 20 year growth plan that would evaluate and respond to future development needs. The planning work included:

• Planning charrettes and workshops with key stakeholders, officials which guided the planning process;

• Economic and demographic analysis to understand both the lifestyle and economic
factors driving regional demands;

• Environmental analyses to understand the ecological assets of the region;

• Archaeological summaries to gain a sense of
the cultural riches of the region; and,

• Concept growth plans for the 7 settlements
in the region.

Al Gharbia Regional Plan / United Arab Emirates

Employment Distribution Plan

Ruwais Settlement Growth Concept Plan

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