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Zayed City - Abu Dhabi's Capital City District / Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

CLIENT: Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council

SITE AREA: 450,000 Hectares


RESIDENTIAL: 60 Hectares

OFFICE: 300 Hectares

AWARD: Cityscape Award for the Best
Master Plan Community
Building on the success of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, CIVITAS continued to develop the overall city plan into the next phase - the Capital City District. The Capital City District Master Plan is a comprehensive vision for a proposed government center,on a green-filled site, that incorporates:

• A transit-oriented structure based on a proposed metro rail link;

• A capital business district (CBD) that serves as the commercial heart of the plan;

• A new federal precinct of government ministries and international embassies;

• Two high-density ‘transit spine’ neighbourhoods; and,

• Surrounding neighbourhoods with a mix of low and medium density populations.
CIVITAS also completed the subsequent phase of the project - the detailed Precinct Plan and Development Guidelines for the Federal Precinct.

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