urban design & master planners

What We Do

CIVITAS Urban Design & Planning Inc. is a Vancouver based, internationally recognized, multi-disciplinary consulting practice specializing in major land planning, urban design and town planning projects in many countries. CIVITAS achieves its goal of providing high quality service and attention to its clients by virtue of its size and specialized nature. The professional members of CIVITAS bridge the boundaries of city planning, landscape architecture and architecture working in a collaborative environment. We are affiliated with CIVITAS Architecture Inc., a Vancouver architectural practice.

Our role as urban designers often includes the coordination and leadership of teams of multi-disciplinary experts united to deal with the challenges of each project. CIVITAS has collaborated with experienced international consultants in the fields of transportation, infrastructure, environment, and economics. We partner with appropriate teams of consultants fitting the unique challenges and opportunities of each project. We utilize state of art computer modeling, simulation, and CAD techniques.

We assist clients in facilitating visioning workshops to define project directions at the inception stage and provide a wide range of design related services ranging from feasibility studies to detail design development, evaluation and implementation strategies.

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